Take Your Business To The Next Level With These 5 Real Estate CRM Software

The real estate business is the business of managing relationships between buyers, sellers, agents, developers and lastly financial institutions. There is no denying that buying or selling of houses has a unique set of challenges and complexities. One of the essential tools for real estate agents in the customer relationship management system CRM. This article articulates how CRM is crucial for the success of the agents and some of the types of real estate CRM software that people should look out for.

1. Wise Agent

This software has been specially designed for real estate purposes. It is made of integrated tools for contacts, scheduling, marketing, transaction management and in-software document storage which is unlimited. One feature that distinguishes wise agent from other software is that it has mouth dropping customer support provided by actual people. In addition to this, its contact management features are easy to use and comprehend. Communications are logged in with the date and time stamps. It also has robust marketing features. You can choose from several templates the content to create and disseminate to social media platforms like FaceBook.

2. Insightly

This is one of the most popular CRM among SMEs across various industries. It is popular among agents because of its project management features and mobile apps. This software has three major categories. They are CRM, project management, and social CRM. As for marketing, insightly uses, and this needs a different subscription. Insightly gives you a package of recording contracts, performing searches and receiving notifications. You can also access social media platforms.

3. Propertybase

This is a powerful CRM software that gives real estate agents access to industry-specific tools. , and it is indeed the highest rated app in the industry, It is designed to aid the agents to manage relationships from the showing point to the closing of the deal. It is compatible with other popular apps like Skype, Quickbooks, and Dropbox among others.

4. Pipedrive

This is an attractive option for many real estate agents. It is cloud-based and is very easy to customize. It greatly helps in organization because it shows the priorities and the contacts according to the various stages of the sales process. It integrates with Gmail thus realtors can receive emails within the system. In addition to this, features that are not needed can be disabled. This is a perfect option for small teams that want simple CRM functionality.

5. Agile CRM

This is an excellent tool for salespeople. However, the free version is not convenient for realtors. This is because they cannot create custom fields for contacts or customize the stages for the deals. The good thing about this is the user interface. It is clean and runs smoothly.