Got Stuck? Try These 5 Tips To Streamline Your Courier Services

You might have heard of at least one horror story concerning a delivery that has gone sour or numerous customers complains in your service. Negative comments and reviews are inevitable and can be a stepping stone to streamlining your courier services and eradicating the issues that have been there. It is hard to please all your clients but with these 5 tips, you can streamline your courier Toronto service business.

1. Don’t rely on just one courier or delivery service

The wise always say that it’s imperative to have a backup plan for your business. It can be that your present parcel delivery system is working just fine and hasn’t had any hitches.  However, your sole and preferred courier company can suddenly fail you and you’ll be left in a rude shock. Conduct some research on the services that most of your customers prefer. Have several backup options for safety.

2. Drop off or collection- which works best for your business

If you’re spending too much time and money at the post office, you can find it easier to have your parcels collected instead. You can also opt to drop them off outside a standard post office. It is advisable to look for the drop off points near you as well as finding more information about these services. You can also have your parcels collected from your work or home address.

3. Look for discounted business parcel delivery rates

Most of the major courier companies do offer discounted rates for business as well as people who regularly send parcels. A good example is the royal mail business account. However, most of these favor those who send thousands yearly and hence can be difficult to startups and growing businesses. There are different companies that normally offer discounted access to people and business on a weekly basis and this can help your business save more money and access especially to the added features.

4. Investing in your packaging

The way you’ll package your parcel can be the difference you’ve been looking for. Most clients are attracted to better and appealing packaging and will have no problem to pay for more. Proper packaging will also ensure the safety of your packages.  Appealing packaging will leave a lasting impression that will make your clients coming back for more.

5. Ensure an efficient system is in order

A good and updated internal process and systems is imperative especially as your business grows. As the business grows and orders increase, you’ll definitely be required to have a more manageable and elaborate system to manage these deliveries. Also, include a tracking system for your customers and regular automatic status updates for the same.