Four Ways Data Centre Management Benefits Your Business

Data centre management requires careful work, attention to detail and advanced knowledge of information technology. All of the aspects of data are handled by the infrastructure management system, including the entry, access and security of the data. Consider these top four benefits of implementing managed hosting for your data centre network.

? 1. Increased Speed

The IT solutions provided by a data centre managing service boosts the speed of your entire network. The information technology team is able to set up the software and hardware in a way that reduces the wait time when you need to access a program or file. Each connected computer’s speed will also be improved because essential updates can be applied outside of work hours.

Deploying operating system updates helps to improve the network’s overall efficiency and ability to prioritize different tasks.

? 2. Reduced Risk of Unauthorized Access

Another one of the important IT solutions implemented by data centres is their ability to reduce the risk of unauthorized access into the network. The information technology team is able to implement two-factor authentication systems that require both a login password and a second factor, such as the texting of a PIN that must be entered within a short period of time.

Data centre access can also be controlled through the identification of specific devices. Managers can exclude employee smartphones, which helps to reduce the risk of spyware and malware threats to the network.

? 3. Continuous Software Management

Many businesses have dozens of pieces of software in use on their servers and networks. Keeping all of these programs up-to-date can be challenging for an individual to do. With a great infrastructure management system, both the hardware and the software will be properly managed. This allows for the automatic update of patches for security issues with the software on your network.

Updates to operating systems and security software can also be applied in a continuous manner. These services help to ensure that your company is running the most recent version of essential software.

? 4. Improved Information Security

A data centre network also allows for improved information security. The information can be secured in multiple layers. Each attempt at access can be tracked by the built-in managed hosting system. You can use this information to track who sees what data and what each user does with the data.

If your business requires the use of confidential personal information such as credit cards, bank account numbers and other key data points, the improved information security helps you to protect your best interests and the interests of your clients, partners and employees. You can learn more by visiting Carbon60 Networks.