6 Ways Researching the Competition Leads to a Better App

Nearly any app on the market has a competitor business or individual that does the same or similar products, services and more. App development is more directed and on target when you gather information about competing businesses. Below are six things you should research about competitors.

1. Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Being both honest and critical of the strengths and weaknesses of the products, services you do and can offer is a better way to develop an eye for details with your competition. It’s easy to view critically, but you need to learn to honestly assess what is appealing about your competition in order to improve.

2. Find the Competition and Track Performance

You need to lock in on a target or targets and begin to track their overall performance. Who are the companies or individuals that are your competition? Who would be your competition if you expanded into a wider market? Get to know everything they offer in the way of services or products.

3. View Available Online Profiles and Social Media

Take a look at every available online profile for the company or individual and check out their social media. You might be able to get some ideas about how they are marketing what they have to offer.

4. See the Apps In App Store

Now it’s time to cut to the chase and go look at their app in the app store. Does it look interesting and appealing? Is the description something that would catch your attention? Would you honestly give this app a try? Document what makes you feel positive or negative about the app.

5. Develop a Creative Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy is essential, especially if you are looking at competing with popular apps or the field is loaded with competition. Hiring professional marketing experts is the best course of action if you want to maximize the potential for success out of the gate. Even first-time apps can become a near-overnight hit with the right marketing.

6. Look at Reviews to See What People Like or Don’t Like About Their App

Online reviews can make your job of information gathering and research of your competition easier. Check out all the good things that people say, and then look at the negative reviews. Find out all the things the people love about their app and do that. Find all the things they hate about the app and don’t do that. It makes a great guide for developing your own app.

Information gathering through researching your competition can add to the potential of successful app development by bringing real user data to the table.