6 Benefits of VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a type of web hosting where the virtual server is presented to a user as a dedicated server although it is in a shared hosting environment serving multiple websites. It is a popular form of hosting because of several benefits as discussed here.

1. Lower Cost of Hosting

It is cheaper when compared to the dedicated servers hosting. This is because under a dedicated server hosting, one user takes all the resources of the server such as physical space and power consumption. With VPS, one large dedicated server is divided to form different virtual environments shared by different users. This makes the cost of hosting under VPS lower as the costs are shared by different users. To learn more, visit Cirrus Tech Ltd..

2. Improved Privacy than with Shared Hosting

VPS offers more privacy when compared to a shared hosting. Under VPS, you do not share your operating system with another person. Therefore, other websites on your server cannot access your files. VPS providers actively monitor their networks and the hardware your computer relies on. This ensures there is physical security of the servers and also prevents against virtual threats.

3. Customization

When you are being hosted under a VPS, you run your own OS. Therefore, you have your own instances for all server applications including Apache, MySQL and others. When there is need for customizing these services, it is possible to make the required changes such that the server is suited to your needs. When a custom software package or opening a port is required, you can go ahead without waiting for the support of the hosting provider.

4. More Control

Sometimes a user may need to install server applications that need the system to restart. With VPS hosting, this can be done at any time. Despite sharing a server with several other VPS servers, restarting one VPS server does not affect the others.

5. Dedicated Resources

Under a VPS server, every user has a specific amount of RAM, CPU time and disk apace dedicated to them at any time. This is as opposed to shared hosting where the available RAM is shared among all users. On a VPS server therefore, there is no possibility of a single user utilizing the entire RAM when it is most needed.

6. Stability and Performance

A VPS hosting offers more stability than with shared hosting because the traffic and activities of different VPS clients do not adversely affect your operation. With your own allocation of resources, clients and their visitors enjoy faster load times. This results in better performance than that experienced with shared hosting.

With these benefits, more and more people are choosing VPS hosting for their websites. VPS hosting offers the benefits of a dedicated server hosting but at a cost of shared hosting.