Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DARK ANGELS! Tons and tons of Dark Angels pics.

Green Armor?  Check.  Red Bolter casing? Check.  White winged sword symbol? Check.  Purity Seals, ropes, robes, and skulls?  Check, check, check, and check!  Epic Cover?  Yep we have ourselves a brand new Codex.  Welcome Dark Angels.  Many more pictures after the break!

 Well here are the rest of the images!

That's a pretty cool cover.  Featuring the new unit of Deathwing is a nice touch.

 I am honestly not sure how I feel about the Uber Speeder (Derp Angels Mobile).  Could have used more Plasma?  Seriously though it is a fuggly model and I am not excited at all by it.

New Ravenwing kits, while not necessary, certainly look awesome!  Who doesn't want a bunch of bikes with Twinlinked Plasmaguns?!  Ravenwing Black Knights.  I have to admit I saw something like this coming after reading the DA HH novels, but still, it is awesome.  The Command Squad looks cool too.  I am a little leery about all the face time Ravenwing is getting.  This actually has me excited to use the Dark Angel Codex.  I thought I would be able to resist but I may not after all...

Stormtalon with wings!?  Could the improvement have been any better?  I actually really like this model a lot.  I am still not big on Space Marine fighters in general but this is certainly better than the Stormtalon, and the Plasmacannon(?) on the nose of the back one looks great.

Umm... No.  That is just a bad model.  I will go ahead and make my own out of plastic, thanks for trying and failing GW.  Rush job much?  Why oh why couldn't there have been a picture of Asmodai instead?  Then again, maybe the Belial is better so that's why he is here.  Scary thought.

Asmodai?  If so his hood makes him look like a woman and the smoke is killing me.

Looks like a nice big, super expensive I presume, release of miniatures.

 2 Wound Terminators (DW Knights only of course), 2 Wound Ravenwing Bikers, cool flyers.  Sounds like a Matt Ward book, looks like a Mat Ward book but it was written by Jeremy Vetock.  Go figure.  Maybe everything won't be a "Dark" Plasma Cannon, or have "Dark" Shields, or "Dark" Hammers. or "Lion" Shields, or "Lion" Scrolls etc.  You get the point I am trying to make I am sure.

If it pans out to be a good book...  I don't know what I will do.  Probably what I did with Grey Knights.  Buy things slowly and have an end of summer project.  There is just too much Chaos and pre-Heresy Forge World staring me in the face right now for me to even contemplate more than a slow purchase burn with a rapid build and paint mid August.  This is ofcourse all dependent on my winning some serious prize support this coming year.  Especially with these prices.

Prices are

Belial 15£ 22,25$ 22,25€
Asmondai 11£ 19,25$ 15,50€
Ravenwing Dark Talon 45£ 75$ 60€
The new Ravenwing Battleforce 70£ 110$ 90€
Ravenwing Command Squad 30£ 50$ 40€
Deathwing Command Squad/knights/normal 35£ 50$ 45€
Ravenwing land Speed Vengeance 40£ 65$ 50€


  1. Finally a SM flier I like the look of! New terminators are slick as well...

  2. I do know my old Asmodai model will come out of retirement.


  3. I think the new landspeeder looks kind of neat actually. The new storm talons are the best though.

    As far as the HQ models I wouldn't worry about it's not like there aren't a million other smurf captain models out there that you can proxy with just repaint them green and white.