Friday, August 3, 2012

Hobby Blitz. Necron Army in 5 Days! Day 1.

I often get asked about the speed at which I paint and build armies.  I am by no means an expert or professional level minis painter but my stuff generally looks good, slightly above table top quality, and I have a high turnover rate.  At our local tournament back in April one of the participants remarked that every month I seem to have a new army, or an entirely new 1000 points of an army built and painted that no one has seen before.  I thought about it and decided with all the inquiries about how fast I can do things I would try a little experiment.  A Necron army in 5 days.

So here is the day 1 update for my Necron Project.  The goal is to have the army painted in 5 days.  I won't be working 5 days straight but if I do work on it, even if it's just priming, that counts as a day toward the total.  The end date is next Saturday for our local 1500 RT, but I am hoping to get it done in a literal 5 days to play next Tuesday.  Fingers crossed!  I will post the number of hours/minute I spent working on the army per day in each update here on Capture and Control.  So what have I got to paint, and some things yet to build?  Check it out with pictures after the break.

So here is what I have fully built, painted, and based already for my Necron Army:

Lord with Warscythe and Res Orb.

Yep, that's it.  Here is what I have built but unpainted or primed.

2 Nightscythes
2 Doom/Nightscythes, the Death Ray and Portal are magnetized.
2 Annihilation Barges
Lord with Warscythe and Res Orb
24 Warriors
3 Scarab bases

 That is a lot of bare plastic.  The worst part is, and I am sure somebody already has, if you add up the points that isn't 1500 points...  I am missing a Nightscythe and 5 Deathmarks.  The Nightscythe I ordered from Amazon because I had a gift card and my local FLGS was out.  I figured it would come with the regular rapidity of anything else I order from Amazon but I couldn't have been more wrong.  It arrived today, Friday which is the same day my FLGS gets their GW orders in, and I bought the Deathmarks today too.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I like to start armies and test out paint schemes on HQ choices.  That's why I have Imohtek and a Lord finished but nothing else.

 I left the Twin Linked Tesla weapons free from the Barges for 2 reasons.  1 it is much easier to paint the barge and the weapons with them not attached and 2 it is easier to take off with a weapon destroyed result.  No, I do note plan on running them as Catacomb Command Barges.

After building my first Nightscythe I realized that the Death Ray and Portal are two completely separate and self contained pieces of the model and are perfect for magnetizing.  I know I probably won't want to run more than 2 Doomscythes at once so I modeled two as Nightscythe only and two as Night/Doomscythes.  The one that came today will be modeled as a Nightscythe only.  With everything built I was ready to begin my day 1 of painting.  Which I thought would be mostly priming.  I decided to use Army Painter colored primers, for the vehicles I chose their Ultramarine Blue equivalent as the base and for the infantry models and unattached vehicle weapons I chose their Mithril Silver equivalent.  I didn't pre-coat the models in white or black, just bare plastic sprayed with Army Painter primer.
 The silver is a lot brighter than I had anticipated and it worried me at first but as you can see below once washed with Nuln Oil the metal looks great.  While this does help skip a few steps it is still a daunting line up I need to paint.  You'll notice the Scarabs, Overlord, and Cryptek are black.  I prime HQ choices black because I feel layering the base colors makes them pop more as befits their elevated status!  Yes, the Cryptek is in pieces, it turns out Finecast reacts just as poorly to your garage floor as the old GW metal models did...  So, primer apparently dries very quickly in the 90 degree dry heat of Southern California so I got a bit of work in on the army day 1 besides primer.  Primer took about 45 minutes.

Here you can see how I will delineate the squads.  With every Necron army I have seen and played against I run into the problem of not knowing who belongs where.  For this army the Shoulder pads will be the sign.  1 large 12 man squad has all gold shoulders, 5 of them have a blue stripe down the head in case I do want to run 2 smaller squads.  The other squads have 5 with blue right shoulders and 7 left shoulders.

Here is the end of the day 1 painting.  All the silver primed components to the army have been washed with Nuln Oil.  The shoulder pads on the Warriors were begun, the gold is more or less finished, the blue has several steps before it is complete and that will be done when the large blue portions of the vehicles are done as well.  Painting and Washes 1 hour 15 minutes.

Total time for day 1 two hours.  45 minutes for primer, and 1 hour 15 for beginning touches on the warriors and washes on all the metals.  Stay tuned for more, it is day 2 and I have been working on getting a bit more done.


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    1. Thanks! Check back Sunday night/Monday morning for the day 2/3 update.

  2. Are you trying to explain the necessity of always having your army stuff out on the dinning room table :P

    1. Maybe... Then again, you're enabling by taking the photos! :)