Friday, March 2, 2012

I Finished! Now We're Off to the BAO.

Well I managed to finish the models I need for the couple lists I am taking with me to the BAO.  I will probably decide on a list on the car ride up.  If you didn't see the other post there is a quick run down after the break plus some pics and a short discussion on what I am expecting from my trip to the Bay Area Open this year.
First off I finished the following Wednesday and Thursday night, about 6 hours work total:

  • Dread and Assault Cannon/DCCW arms (the Auto Cannon options were already complete)
  • Razorback and my converted turret from 2 Psilencers.
  • 3 Inquisitorial Warrior Henchmen, they are slightly converted Chaos Marauders.
  • 1 Death Cult Assassin, converted from Dark Elf Corsairs.
  • 3 Grey Knight Terminators, 2 Halberds and a Daemon Hammer.
  • 1 Grey Knight Grand Master with Incinerator and Nemesis Force Sword.
  • 3 25mm Objectives
  • 1 40mm Objective
I had wanted to try and finish my display board I had planned but alas that was not to be.  Here are a few pictures, took them with my iPad in a rush so the quality isn't that good.

  With the units I need for the tournament finished I am beginning to wrap my head around the fact that I will participating in an event with almost 128 other players.  The field is going to be populated, even more than last years, with top notch tournament players from around the United States.  Since it is now an ETC qualifier the BAO has managed to draw in a larger crowd than last year.

I don't have any expectations to win.  I have been really busy with work, raising my 1 year old, and helping out more at home since my wife is expecting number 2 (!).  This has taken a decent bite out of my normal prep for an important event like this.  Even being this busy I have managed to play the BAO mission 21 times against every army except Tau, Eldar, Blood Angels, and Black Templars.  That is fairly decent prep but my low expectations stems from my record with those games. 6-13-2, that's right I have drawn 13 of 21 times.  I have decided this was for several key reasons, one was lack of adequate scoring units, the other was the fact I was most of those games constitute my first games playing with Grey Knights.  Hopefully the draw disease will have left me by the time we roll dice round 1 Saturday morning but even if it doesn't I am hoping to finish top 40.  It is a goal which, based upon my performance last year at the BAO, and the recent changes in my list and my Grey Knight play style I think is entirely achievable.  We shall see...  I will be taking my iPad with me and if Blogger and time allows I will attempt to post updates while we're up there.

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