Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Warmaster Cup: Current Standings 1/12/11

As promised I have the current standings for the Warmaster Cup.  These standings only reflect one tournament from Game Empire Pasadena but will soon be joined by the results of the Iron Man Tournament being held Feb 5th at Game Empire in San Diego.  You can see specifics for that event at if you are aching to get onto the Warmaster Cup standings board before Game Empire Pasadena's February RT then head down San Diego way!  With out further ado you'll find the current standings after the break.

1. John W 23
2. Andy V 18
3. David Venegas 15
4. Santino V 13
5. Derek P 3
6. Aaron K 3
7. Chris A 3
8. Damion S 3
9. Dominic K 3
10. Casey H 3
11. Solomon C 3
12. Emil C 3
13. Tony S 3
14. Dennis G 3

Get out there and play in registered events at Game Empire Pasadena and soon Game Empire San Diego!  If you have a place you play regularly talk to your T.O. about getting the tournaments certified  so you can get on the board!!!


  1. It's cool to see the current standings but it would be nice to have some sort of tournament break down so we can see who played what army, and how the rounds went etc. I know you've done something like that for previous tournaments, I would like to see the armies OW beat to get Best Overall.

  2. Yes, I plan to update it this weekend. I have been reworking my spread sheet that keeps score. I don't like the idea of using a third party website to keep track so I have home grown a series of spread sheets to tally it all. I think I finally have all the kinks worked out so I will post the new standings this weekend.