Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stormraven Gunship

Greetings 40k Fans,
The Stormraven (and other 2nd wave Blood Angels Stuff) is finally up in the pre-order section.

So what do you guys think?
Flying dumpster or Deadly Assault craft?


  1. I still hate it with the same passion that I did when the first picture was 'accidentally' leaked.

  2. the image on GW's site that shows just the exit ramp looks like the back of a garbage truck

  3. Space marine stuff is supposed to be chunky! its built for war not a buty parlor!

  4. It's not the pretties ship out there, but it is consistent with the look of Marine vehicles.
    As for usability, my marine army is a highly mobilized assault force but landspeeders can only take so many weapons and I don't have an assault-vehicle. Problem solved! Sign me up for one.