Thursday, January 13, 2011

Campaigns: The Galactic South Campaign, Phase I - Segmentum Tempestus

New Year, New Campaign Series!  We had fantastic success with out Avellorn Campaign series where two leagues in a row were linked via the story line of the planet of Avellorn and then the story of the fight for the Capital Hive.  Although the Salamanders, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, and Imperial Fists beat back the tides of Chaos, the Dark Kin, and Hive Mind they could not overcome the Ork Hordes who overran the hive and expelled Imperial control from Vanaheim Hive and Avellorn.  Hot on the heels of that wonderful linked set of campaigns we are going to begin a 3 part series of campaigns, starting at the Segmentum level, then boiling down to the most hotly contested System, and finally down to the most hotly contested planet.  This should be an excellent campaign just like the last.  The specifics of the Campaign, including the missions, come after the break.

You can find both of the leagues ruling documents here.  The Campaign and Mission Packets.  Feel free to browse and Download them.  Disdainful did an excellent job coming up with this Campaign, and I am really excited to play in it.
The Galactic South Campaign

The Galactic South Campaign Missions
This past Tuesday was the start of the league.  The Escalation style of this league is something we haven't done in a while and I was really excited when Dis told me that was the sort of campaign he had drawn up.  The last few leagues he ran have been excellent and I knew the change up in points levels was going to do great things for our group.  The first weeks mission was all about speed and capturing objectives.  I was lucky I chose to play Nurgle Guard and took a Vendetta and Valkyrie with Veteran Squads which allowed me to deploy rapidly turn 1 and capture objectives.  I had two wins for the night, one against PythNutD and another against a Space Wolves player.  All around it was a good night and the different point level coupled with the unique missions really has our group excited and thinking outside the box.

As with most campaigns/leagues at our FLGS there is both a Competitive and Story Driven aspect.  We are fortunate to have a cornucopia of players in terms of interest, play style, ability, age, and experience.  Having campaigns/leagues that cater to everyone is difficult but over the last few years Dis and I have come up with a pretty good balance.

What do you think of the campaign?  Do you have campaign like this in your area or have you played in them before?  Do you like pure competitive campaigns, story driven, or hybrids?


  1. Wow, this looks amazing. I hope you keep up posted on how it goes! I may even have to steal a few of these scenarios...

  2. Any chance you could fix the link to the map image? We are having a series of battles in the same galactic region and I would like to reference your map if it is possible.

    Thanks, Slovak