Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hello Capture and Control!

Episode 6 of TFG Radio is live now for your listening pleasure!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Back From the Brink With a Podcast in Tow!

Hello Capture and Control!

Longtime readers of this blog might remember me from such drivel as my Stormraven preview and this little gem, but any casual stroll through the feed around here makes it pretty clear that I've not been around, basically at all, for quite a while. That ends now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

LVO Practice Game and 40k Deep Thoughts.

Hey, were did all those Pink Daemons go?

Tuesday I played a game against Adam from TFG radio. Adam is attending the LVO this year which I sadly can't attend, I suppose a cruise to Mexico with vast amounts of alcohol and gambling isn't too bad a consolation ;) Adam has an interesting take on the Daemon farm which I won't fully reveal here. The first time I played against this army I conceded on the bottom of 5 with only 6 marines of my original 72 left.  This time around I changed the list up a bit to try out 7 pods instead of 9, I took 2 squads of LotD and only a single Command Squad and Vulkan. I also decided to ignore his broken Land Raider of "I do what I want" and play to win the Maelstrom Missions and TIE the primary which was Big Guns. Playing to tie Adam on the Primary brings me to my main topic I want to discuss, playing the mission and bluffing. I covered bluffing in a post years ago which you can dig up on here if you really want to but I will cover more after the break, also more pictures after the break from the battle Adam and I fought.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thunderhawk built from 2 Stormraves, a Rhino, and Valkyrie?! Wow, I kind of want to do this now...

Rarely do I just share links on this page but this is really cool.  Check it out!

Blood Angels and White Scars Bromance.

With the Blood Angels files being added to Army Builder I finally sat down to play with them as allies.  I wasn't sold on Space Wolf allies for White Scars or Salamanders.  I find that a single CAD of either all Salamanders in Drop Pods or all White Scars on Bikes and in Rhinos is just plain better.  With the BA codex though I think there is a really viable option in two CAD allowed environments.

Here is my first stab at a combo BA and WS list that is dependent upon the pin move early on and utilizes two Combined Arms Detachments. Using two CADs is completely legal in our area, we go by the book with no alterations for army list creation.

Blood Angels Detachment
Librarian lvl 2 (goes with Gravturions)
Tactical Squad MG, Combi-MG, Heavy Flamer DP Beacon (combat squad, one squad gets melta the other HF)
Tactical Squad MG, Combi-MG, Heavy Flamer DP Beacon (combat squad, one squad gets melta the other HF)
Assault Squad (5 Man) 2x MG, Combi-melta DP
Assault Squad (5 Man) 2x MG, Combi-melta DP
Drop Pod Beacon

White Scars detachment
Khan on Moondrakkan
Command Squad, Apothecary, 4x Gravguns, Bikes
5 Bikes 2x Grav, Combi-Grav
5 Bikes 2x Grav, Combi-Grav
5 Bikes 2x MG, Combi-Melta
Centurion Devastator Squad, 3x Grav Cannon, 1x OmniScope (go in BA DP with the BA Libby for Diviniation)

I left out the CM of Doom because I think more bodies pinning in the opponent is better than a single beat stick.  That's a lot of Drop Pod and Bike firepower dropping in and scouting up turn 1.  Any thoughts?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

First Tournament In Almost A Year. I'd Say It Went Well.

Game Empire Pasadena had their first tournament of 2015 today, Saturday January 10th, and I figured since my last tournament was the LVO almost a year ago and my last tournament at Game Empire was November of 2014 I should get into the store and game a bit.  Note, it had been so long since I played in a tournament that I actually remembered a tournament from two years ago as being last year when talking to a friend about my tournament appearances last year.  It's a bit embarassing.
This will be a longer post so more after the page break.

Friday, January 9, 2015

7th Edition Work Bench: 9 Drop Pods Finished! Well, on the outside anyway...

Well I did it.  I was able to finish off the 9 Drop Pods exteriors last night.  I eventually decided against washing the entire non-corroded metal areas with Agrax and instead do a more time consuming, but much more effective, selective wash on details and recesses.  It looks much better in my opinion.  I may go back and do a bit of touch up with a darker metallic, and a bit more Typhus Corrosion here and there but on the whole for now I am happy.  I am very tempted to just glue the doors shut at this point in time and call it a day.  But we'll see, a few detail bits here and there in the interior plus a wash may just do the trick but I am going to take an extended break from Drop Pods and work on a few other things.

Next up, modeling and painting two 5 man squads of Legion of the Damned.  I had no idea just how good two small 150 point squads of melta totting LotD were in a Vulkan led army! That's what I get for not playing the game in any serious way in over a year. I won't be using GW models but I am going to make them from some Tactical Marines, Chaos Marines, and some third party bits.  I am looking forward to painting flames again, I haven't done it in years. I had gotten fairly good at it too when I did this Salamander army back at the beginning of 5th edition.

Enough prattle.  Here are the 9 Drop Pods in all their, exterior/nearly, finished glory!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

7th Edition Workbench: Painting 9 Drop Pods is a NIGHTMARE!

Who the F$%K wants to play a full Drop Pod army?  Let me rephrase.  Who, that cares about painted armies and paints them themselves, wants to play a full Drop Pod army?  This guy I guess.  I have been trying to take 9 Drop Pods from Silver Spray paint from Army Painter to fully painted exteriors in 3 days.  While I have made a lot of progress it is a nightmarish assignment.  Long, tedious, repetitive work.  Then I discovered the fun of Typhus Corrosion!

Next step was white and red accents on the doors and fins respectively.  Yes, I usually have my Drop Pods upside down because the doors always flop open.  If you had nine of them crowding your painting desk you'd do this too.
After painting the white and red, on 9 Drop Pods, I took a day break.  Even with episodes of Game of Thrones season 4 streaming on my computer the monotony proved too strong for a marathon painting.  Plus I hit a mental block.  I had planned to spray black down on the pods with them upside down to simulate them crashing through the atmosphere but really wasn't sure how it would work.  Since I own a 10th Drop Pod that was already silver (why? because I am a masochist that's why. Stop asking sane questions) I tried it and did not like the effect.  I turned to Typhus Corrosion.  Because I had never used it before and figured why not.  I like it personally.
After applying a dry brush of Chaos, erm I mean Abbadon, Black to the bottoms and doors etc to give the edges a dark "burned" look I took a large flat dry brush and went to work with the Typhus Corrosion.  Then I washed all the non "corroded" areas with Agrax.  Again, I like the outcome.
I plan to get these finished tomorrow night.  If I ever get them into a game with the army I'll be sure to post pictures, but more than that I want to use them so I can get some honest in person feedback on how they look.  Leave comments if you like ;)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

7th Edition Work Bench: First Finished Models in Over a Year*

Technically they aren't finished because I still need to figure out the custom transfers I want to use for Chapter insignia but hey, they're painted and based all the way!

I feel accomplished.  They aren't up to my previous painting standards but I will never win a Golden Demon award or Golden Brush etc.  I don't have those type of skills, or level of ability, so I go for finished armies that look good on the table top and get a few questions.  Nothing super special or complex here!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

7th Edition Workbench: Back to gaming after more than a year off!

I hadn't had a devoted workspace of my own for years. In our new big place I built myself a work bench!
Long time since I posted anything.  Honestly I had given up on gaming for a little while. Moving into my parents house with my wife and two kids, a fair distance from my FLGS, took a big toll on my drive and ability to do anything gaming related for a good chunk of time.  Now that we're living on our own again, very close to Game Empire Pasadena, and my kids are growing up and becoming slightly more independent I have started to work on the one project I had managed to keep a hold of.  With a nice space of my own to work at and motivation restored I returned to my Stark themed Space Marine/Space Wolves army.

I started simple with two small command squads/Grey Hunters with meltaguns and two librarians I had primed silver and blue respectively.  I also got out a completed model from my case for reference since I no longer remembered the paint scheme.  I have to say one thing before showing the photos.  The new GW paints do not hold up anywhere near as well as the old ones did over time.  I had a lot of paint I had to throw out which was discouraging.  On to the photos!

Kit bashed librarians/Rune Priests.

Sand baths all the way around.

First Command Squad based on Khorne Berzeker legs and double wielding.

Command Squad 2. Note, the basing on these models is not finished.

My test for the Drop Pods.  I have 10 to paint.  I hate painting drop pods...
Blood Claws/ Assault Marines.  Need some heads and shoulder pads still.  Oh, and some pistols too...

First 10 of 25 or so Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor.

The bits I need to flesh out the other 15 or so WGT and a Kit bashed Logan on Santa Sleigh.
 I have a lot of work ahead of me.  I plan to finish off all the models I currently have primed for the army before moving on to the Wolf Guard Terminators.  This will force me to finish the 10 Drop Pods I am wavering on.  I am seriously considering just gluing the doors shut so I don't have to paint 10 interiors.

Also on the docket:
1 Stormfang
1 Chapter Master on Bike
6 Bikers (I can't decide if I want to paint these, and the CM, as White Scars or not for an allied detachment)
2000 points of Dark Angels.  Yes, that's totally random and probably won't get done :)