Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Drop Pod Armies 101

So it turns out I know a thing or two about playing Drop Pod armies. At least according to Reece and Frankie from FLG. Recently a watcher/commenter of Signals from the Frontline asked Reece and Frankie about what Drop Pod lists are good to use. Reece referenced that I'd had success with the new Blackmanes and prior to that I've been almost an exclusively Drop Pod army player for 3 years. I wrote a previous article on Null Deploy armies that talked a lot about Drop Pod armies which you can find on Capture and Control and TFG Radio. Here I would like to discuss 3 lists I have had success with. Hopefully I can avoid setting off any internet landmines for Reece and Frankie this time around ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Breaking: Games Workshop Releases Tournament Format

"Tank Shock" the new organized play format from Games Workshop was shipped out to stores. Included inside are multiple objective markers, buttons, certificates and a few pamphlets on how to run events for "Tank Shock". Shockingly GW included in these pamphlets a Tournament Format. Images of the format sheet below.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Null Deploy Armies and You

Null Deploy Armies and You.

This article originally published on the TFGRadio Blog, is re-posted here for your convenience. Don't forget to give TFG Radio and Capture and Control a like on Facebook!

Army design and playstyle in 40k is a complex and varied landscape. On the surface it looks like there are three basic army builds and playstyles into which all other builds can be placed. Shooting armies are lists which center around the shooting phase for achieving victory, Tau comes to mind when you think of a shooting centric build. Assault armies, or lists, are rarer than they had been in the days of yore (3rd-4th edition) but a few armies like Khorne Daemonkin (KDK) and Space Wolves (SW) can pull it off for example. Often times an Assault based army will have one of the vaunted “Deathstar” units in it. The most common army build type is the Objective army. These are generally armies built off the idea that scoring the objectives is the easiest path to victory. Fast moving, somewhat durable units that can camp or steal away objectives as needed throughout a game make good Objective Armies. They can also be “tank” armies or “horde” armies designed to win the game through attrition while simply scoring objectives and outlasting you, lists who have large numbers of Objective Secured units make great Horde or “tank” armies. Most armies fall into these three categories which makes the 3 broad enough to be used as the general guidelines. Defining builds this way is essential for new players and describing list building archetypes to new through moderate players. Inside these 3 basic designs though you find the real flavor and full fauna of the 40k game. Tired of the anecdotes yet? Too bad you’ll find plenty more in all my articles. Let’s keep move on down the line.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Necessity of Lower Point Level Games in a Competitive Environment

Warning, post may contain mountains of Salt. Or not, you'll have to read it to find out.
I'm known by most of the followers of this blog and the C&C Facebook page as being a proponent of competitive game play, I'm known to the listeners of TFG Radio as "Salty John". I also support the ITC format and go to FrontlineGaming events often, always 1 a year for sure. So what I am going to talk about today may seem odd given the results of the recent ITC poll to have events stay at 1850. More after the break.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Making the case for ITC Missions and ITC in general.

Sorry Frankie, I couldn't resist.
Frontline Gaming recently put out their amended ITC scenarios, missions, for the 2016 season. The basics of the tried and true missions stayed the same but there were some tweaks to how things function. I've played several of them now and compiled my thoughts in this wonderful post I am sure half of you will enjoy and less than half of you will understand half as well as you think you did. This is the internet after all, you'll notice I'm not posting this on DakkaDakka better known as the Salt Mines of the 40th Millenium. More on the missions, and less bad jokes/references/memes, after the break.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tank Shock. You're Doing It Wrong. By TFG Radio.

Those of you in the know, ie you know us IRL or you listen to TFG Radio or you follow important developments in 40k, already have heard that Tank Shock is actually a big deal now. Most of us, yes me too, have been playing it like it was in 5th and 6th but it's different in 7th! Much, much, different. Like piss in your cheerios the first time I ramshackle you and pile drive you ass up with it different. Making this your opponents response:
Thank you to Adam from TFG Radio for the image above, while he didn't create it, I now can't unsee it thanks to him and neither can you. After the page break you'll find all the links and diagrams about Tank Shock you could ever hope for!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Capture and Control Video Battle Reports Return!

Travis, disdainful, from TFG Radio and I sat down last weekend to play a nice game of 40k. Two cheese ball lists of doom faced on in a 1850 point game using ITC missions. Watch the video to see how it went!

Travis (Disdainful): The Necrons that don't die.
John (Overwatch): The Silver Obsec Space Marines of Doom.

There is a great moment where I "bait" Travis into veiling into charge range of my deathstar with his deathstar. I imagine this was Travis' inner monologue regarding my "bait".

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From the Ashes of Defeat a Phoenix Rises? Hmmm...

If you read my write up on the Hammer of Wrath GT you'll know I am putting a major overhaul on my list. A few ideas have been kicking around on my Army Builder. One includes a Captain on bike and bike squad so I decided to finally finish off the Captain I'd started a long time ago and finish the little bit of modeling I needed to do on the Bike squad. I hope to get a few games in to test new lists in the next 3 weeks before I start back at work for the next school year. I feel like I need to really solidify the list and get major reps in like I did with the 6th ed codex if I want to have any chance at making a run for the top at the Las Vegas Open this year.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hammer of Wrath GT Wrap Up!

We're going to need a few of these next time around... Thanks Reece and Frankie for showing this to me.

The inaugural Hammer of Wrath GT has come and gone! Cooper Waddell was the only undefeated player over the course of 2 days and 5 rounds, taking home a ticket to the Las Vegas Open and some nice store credit for Game Empire Pasadena where the event was hosted. Travis and Adam , to a lesser extent :P, from TFG Radio did a great job organizing and promoting the event. Travis and Danny ran a tight ship with rules judging even while Danny was playing as ringer! A great weekend filled with great games and much alcohol consumption. The only downside was Game Empire Pasadena's home town heroes had a less than heroic showing! Yours truly went 2-3 which was about where most of us landed either 2-3 or 3-2, and much salt was had by all! The field was 40 players but there was a high concentration of really good players. Reece from Frontline Gaming and I had a conversation about how this was an extremely competitive field early on during the tournament Saturday and as the weekend progressed that became readily apparent. After the break you'll find about 99 pictures I took throughout the 2 days, if you follow Capture and Control on Facebook then you'll have seen most of these images already. I will also give a brief breakdown of my list and a short synopsis of each game.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Hammer of Wrath GT Tomorrow! I'm Playing Iron Hands? WTF!?

I've been an almost religiously devout player of Salamanders in 7th edition thus far. Those who follow this Blog or know me IRL know I am a devotee to the XVIII Legion and their Promethean Cult. However, with the Hammer of Wrath GT tomorrow I am switching chapters and going Iron Hands. After the Bay Area Open I decided to tear down my list and start over, I kept coming back to similar builds but with a few tweaks. One, I discussed another time and that is the inclusion of Terminators (!?) and the second is a switch to Iron Hands. Below you'll find pictures of my latest iteration of my Stealthstar, but it's much less stealthy now...

We'll see how it goes. This is the first ever, inaugural if you will, Hammer of Wrath GT put on by Game Empire Pasadena and the guys at TFG Radio. I'll be live posting updates both days of the GT like I always do so give us a like on the Capture and Control FB page and follow along, see how my shenanigans gain me victory or the deserved ribbing of my peers and the internet.