Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why Haven't I Posted Since April or Talked About 7th? Here, Let Me Show You.

Take a look at a few threads and the comments section of Bell of Lost Souls articles about 7th, and 7th edition tournament play.  It's a rats nest out there, and that's putting it simply.  I have entered into a state where pretty much everything about 40k on the internet pisses me off.  I am still painting, building, collecting models and I plan to start playing locally again starting next week but my internet presence will be limited.  Given the quality of what is talked about on Dakka, Whineseer, and BoLS can you really blame me?

Just check out these gems.

Hopefully I will have the chance to film my first game of 7th ed for a battle report next Tuesday ;)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Taking an Indefinite Break from 40k Playing Doesn't Mean I've Stopped Painting.

I will post more pictures as I go but for now here is a first look at my SM/SW army.  I plan to use a lot of Heresy era FW models but not exclusively.  If I can figure out making my own transfers the army will have the Stark sigil as their Chapter emblem!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Building a Revenant Part 2. Subassembly complete now time for PAINT!

I completed the subassemblies and the last bit of shaving on the shoulder pads etc last Friday.  I spent Saturday not playing in the local RTT like I planned so I felt particularly driven on Sunday to do something hobby oriented. Therefore I decided it was time to get some paint on this bad boy if I wanted it painted for the tournament down in Lakeforest this coming weekend.  Yes, they are allowing Escalation, Stronghold Assualt, Dataslates, 40k Approved FW, the whole shebang!  They are running it with the same sort of restrictions as Frontline Gaming.  Also the local tournament at Game Empire Pasadena in April will be running a similar format so I will get to use it twice!  GE requires that all Lords of War, Super Heavies, and Stronghold models be fully built and painted, no proxies allowed and any scratch builds will be subject to a stringent "rule of cool".  I am looking forward to it.  Now onto the progress and photos after the break.

New Plastic Ogryns and Plastic Hydra. Underwhelming?

The GW rumor facet continues to trickle at a slow drip but these are making the rounds today.  A plastic Hydra kit, which without Interceptor will still be nearly useless and the first target of any serious flyer based army, and some plastic Ogryn pics.  The Hydra is a Hydra, but the Ogryns seem to be hitting many people in a negative way.  Personally I think they are fine, I actually like that a few of them seem to be wearing tank treads as abdomen/cod piece armor plating.  But the negative chatter is a bit ramped up on them so far.  Maybe they will end up being the Centurions of the IG, sorry Astral Militraiusism (or whatever idiotic name they are calling it for pure copyright purposes), where the models are almost universally paned but the unit is so good in game that people buy them up anyway.  We'll see!

Forgeworld Finally has a Horus Lupercal Model! I only wish they did a pre-Heresy and Heresy version :(

Don't get me wrong.  I think this is one of the best Primarch models yet, next to Ferrus Manus, just look at how much better the model is than the Justaerin Terminators in the picture.  I have always liked the imagery of Horus the traitor but I would have liked FW, especially for Horus, to have done two models.  Horus as a Luna Wolf pre-heresy, and Horus as a Son of Horus and heretic.  I guess we can't have everything and this model is still amazing.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Building A Revenant Part 1 :/

Hopefully when I am done mine will look this good assembled...

I purchased a Revenant Titan off eBay about a month ago.  It was a real steal, the guy sold it for under $100.  I was leery of it being a recast due to the price but he was from the States and seemed to be liquifying his 40k stock for super cheap so I decided to buy it.  I am relatively certain, based on the color of the Resin, it is not a recast so I feel good about getting a great deal on an awesome model!  The downside is he had lost the instructions so I am building this sucker blind.  More after the break.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Las Vegas Open re-Cap!

I know this is later than most other bloggers posts on the topic of the LVO but meh.  You'll notice the lack of ads on this blog so my only incentive to write is my own!  That said I had a pretty rough LVO game wise.  It was my lowest showing ever in a GT, normally I finish somewhere in the 40-50s but I was in the low 130s this time.  The tournament itself was amazing, awesome tables, great opponents, fun all the way around.  Plus it's Vegas for crying out loud, how could the experience not be awesome!  Pictures and what I took away from the LVO regarding my game play after the break.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

6th Edition Workbench: Eldar for LVO finished! Magnetized Tray Built!

I have finally gotten a bit of inspiration for my hobby again!  I feel the itch to play, paint, build like I haven't had in a long time.  A lot of that is due to having a large chuck of the work on my new Eldar army done for me by Frontline Gaming and the rest is due to my excitement for attending the Las Vegas Open this weekend.  Regardless of reason I have been quite busy basing, highlighting, detailing, and tonight decaling the Eldar.  Last night I finished basing the Wraithknights and worked on the Crimson Hunter and Spiritseer that I chose to do myself instead of send to Frontline.  More importantly though I made my "display" board I plan to take to the Las Vegas Open.  More after the break.

Monday, February 3, 2014

6th Edition Workbench: Eldar, Display Boards, and Frontline Commission Painting Review Part 2!

The Las Vegas Open is this weekend and I have a lot of work to do!  I wrote about Frontline Gaming and the commission Eldar I sent off to them, read the first part here, and now I need to finish them up before leaving for Vegas Thursday afternoon!  On top of basing, decals, and detail work no the beautiful Eldar they sent back to me I need to figure out transportation for the army.  The custom foam I ordered from Battlefoam, for my Pack AIR, won't arrive in time for this weekend.  This is no fault of Battle Foam, I had to wait to order until I had the money for the foam and by then it was too late.  No fear though, I have a plan to keep all these nicely painted miniatures safe.  After the break, my transportation plan for the LVO, pictures of the finished army from Frontline Gaming and my final review of their painting service.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

6th Edition Work Bench: Eldar Edition and Review of Frontline Gaming Commissions Part 1

Currently I have 5 army projects I am working on.  Yes, even after unloading my entire Dark Angel and Chaos Space Marine collections I still have 5.  A bit misleading since 3 are Space Marine chapters; but still!  In preparation for the Las Vegas Open I had some tough choices to make.  Do I slog through and finish my new Nurgle Daemon army that I am just not inspired to play or paint?  Do I rush through building and painting White Scars or Salamanders?  Do I go on a buying tear, and really make the misses happy, and do the Iron Hands drop pod Ironclad army?  Or do I build all the Eldar I bought using some of the money form the DA/CSM dump and use the rest of the money to pay someone to paint it for me?  Well, I went for options 2 and 5.  I am currently building and painting White Scars and a few Eldar, and I built an Iyanden Eldar army at the beginning of December and shipped it off to Frontline Gaming for paint.  I am having them paint it to a level 1 standard and no basing.  I like doing the detail work myself and basing I find easy.  More on my decision after the break.